Hello my lovelies,

I’m Shardan, the a 20 something year old trying to navigate through life as a curvy girl with a passion and love for fashion, but not just any style of fashion. I’m on the hunt for Fashion that brings out my curves and makes me look amazing. That way I started How To Wear Curvy.

My passion for fashion controlled my every thought from the age of 8, watching my mom walk the runways in hotels and along pool sides. I accompanied my mom to fashion shows every weekend, just to see her walk around in amazing outfits. At the age of 13, I was asked to do what she did, I excepted it and it felt so natural. Being able to wear all the new clothes and meeting new people was amazing. Those years felt like the best years of my life.

At the age of 17, I started to put on extra weight and my happiness started to fade away. By the time I got to 150 lbs, I hated my body. I thought I was so fat and ugly, I would wear baggy clothes and never take pictures. I thought my body hated me and I would eat once a day so I wouldn’t put on any more weight. I didn’t see the beauty in myself anymore. Finding clothes that looked good on me became hard and going up so many dress sizes in the span of a few years was so stressful. But after getting married at 20 and two pregnancies later I’m 220 lbs, and I love my body with every stretch mark and butt dimple. I’m sorry for what I put my younger self through not realizing how beautiful and amazing I was.

I stopped looking at everyone else’s body for my own personal body goals and looked at my own body and saw it’s perfections. I realized I had to love my body at any size and work with it to become a happier me because everyone deserves to feel beautiful the way they are and not the way the world wants them to be.

So I recently got back into fashion and I’m simply radiating excitement for it. Getting back into fashion is one of the bests feelings I’ve had in a while, and that’s saying something because June of 2017 I graduated from college with my degree in psychology. Fashion is one of my passions. I love clothes, the cuts, the shapes, patterns, and textures. I could go on and on about how I can shop in stores for hours or online for days. I could tell you all about the ways I save money when shopping, like getting the best deals, shopping the sales and using coupons on all my orders, but my real goal is to equip and inspire you to feel the way you look, which is always absolutely amazing.


How To Wear Curvy is a curvy and plus size blog and my little part of the internet, where I share my love of curvy plus size fashion, traveling, beauty and everything in between. I hope to inspire the curvy girl in everyone, to show off their curves and be proud of them. This site consists of outfit posts, trends, beauty posts, product reviews, lifestyle post, and shopping spotlights. Thank you so much for being here and for your support. Take a look around and let’s connect!


NAME: Shardan Lewis

LOCATION: The Bahamas


FOOD: Sea food

MUSIC: Anything that sounds good to me


SEASON: Summer

WAY TO UNWIND: Day at the beach

WEARS: An American size 14-16 (UK/AU 18-20)


Breast: 42



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