Hello my lovelies!!! It’s a beautiful sunny day in The Bahamas, and when I say beautiful sunny day I mean it’s really hot outside. As you know from my previous post about shorts (here) I was not a fan, but I realized that I was only keeping myself from some really cute outfits. Back to this post of this simple bodysuit and cargo shorts that came in handy on the this hot summer afternoon.

I know I said “ I don’t think I’m going to be shorts crazy and buy a bunch,” but things happen, people say things they don’t mean, let’s move on! I bought some more shorts and I’m so happy with my purchases, except for one but I can’t wait to style them for you all.

On this hot day I was feeling adventurous, that’s where these cargo shorts came into play. I felt that I could do it all in these shorts, one problem with my outfit, I’m in some cut heels so I’m not go hiking, lol! But these cargo shorts would work on any day and look just as great with an top if you’re not into bodysuits.

My shorts are in a 1x which is my usual size in bottoms. They are true to size and have a little stretch to them. The bodysuit is in a 1x and i love the feel of the material. So if you want to recreate this look you should be just fine with ordering your usual size. I forgot about the shoes, OMG how I love these shoes, they are so comfortable. If I remember where I purchase them, I will be sure to update this post. I just love my confidence in this look. Bye lovelies!

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Outfit Details

Top | Shorts | Shoes

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