Hello, my lovelies!!! It’s Monday, yay… I’m sorry nay! I have been sneaking around the pageant scene on the weekend and I had a blast. I attended the Miss Bahamas Grand Pageant. It was so much fun, entertaining and beautiful.

The contestants stepped out onto the stage; I was taken aback, they had on the cutest shiny gold rompers. I wouldn’t wear it because gold and I are not friends, nonetheless still cute.

It was time for the swimsuit competition, and oh my gosh the girls brought it! It was like nobody else was in the room except for each girl and a big mirror. If you are thinking “what about the one in the beach wrap, she can’t be confident if she’s covering up” she covered up because her body is so amazing that it’s unfair.

Moving on to my favorite part, the Evening Gowns! Funny story I don’t like long dresses on me, but I love them on everyone else. My eyes took a liking to Miss Grand Andros’ dress, if only it was in the color black, a girl could dream.

As the competition moved on the 2017 crowned queen took her last strut across the stage. A bitter sweet moment as tears rolled down her face, her crown would soon belong to another.

The 4 finalist emerged, one of these lucky ladies would be leaving a queen. 3rd runner-up Miss Grand Andros and in a shock, the crowd favorite Miss Grand Grand Bahama (no that wasn’t a mistake, it’s grand twice) was placed as 2nd runner-up.

There were only two of them left. Their hearts were probably pounding and beating out of their chest. Then it happened. They announced Miss Grand Sansalvador as first runner-up.

The winner Miss Grand New Providence seemed to be in a never-ending stare. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as the beautiful crown was placed on her head and the banner draped over her shoulder. I think she couldn’t believe it. She was the new Miss Bahamas Grand!

What a beautiful queen she is!


Hello lovelies!!! Anyone else feeling like the weather is out of control right now? I’m really feeling the heat and it’s still not summer yet. It’s “CARNIVAL” time in The Bahamas and I’m just going to say it, I had fun. My weekend was amazing, the colors, the music, and the people, literally nonstop fun. It was really hot, with that being the only downside, the experience was truly fantastic. I love my 700 islands and keys. Before I forget I also got my ice cream with brownies, Yum! Can you top that weekend?

Anyway, I’m starting with these super cute sneakers, yes sneakers; I walked the road and it had great support. Can we have a moment of “O.M.G” for how cute they are? So I had to find something to pair these sneakers with, yes I know it should have been the other way around. With this skirt I must have been out of my mind to wear the color white, lol, it got so dirty at the end of the day, the color was cream, not joking. I paired that with a cute coral tank top and an oversize button-down denim top with distressed details that I tied in the front.

The skirt is in a size XL, I can feel you asking why; I will tell you why, because it wasn’t in my size and I really wanted it; good reason? Let’s move on, the skirt was kind of tight but sucked everything in, so it was a win. I got the denim top in an XL because it was oversized, so I knew I would be able to pull it off. I sized up on the sneakers but I really didn’t have to, they are kind of big, my regular size would have been perfect. If your size is available I suggest getting your regular size in the skirt and the sneakers. I love my sneakers, I will be pairing them again soon. Bye lovelies!

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