Hello my lovelies!!! So I finally did it, I wore the one article of clothing that I absolutely hate, yes hate!?! What’s that you might ask, it’s shorts! I dodge wearing shorts; like the flu virus and me with a can of Lysol spray and a bottle of Clorox bleach, it just was going to happen. I thought to myself before looking for shorts “life is too short to not wear shorts,” therefore i got a pair. My problem with shorts are I (think) have an hourglass figure, my waist is 34” and my hips are 48,” my thighs don’t even care, they just don’t. Finding a pair of denim shorts that fit me was super hard. As you can see in the picture they kind of fit my waist but looks like they’re cutting off the circulation on my thighs, lol it’s not but you get my point.

I thought it was about time to put myself in some shorts for the first time in 5 years, don’t judge me. I found this pair of Bermuda shorts on my favorite clothing site Fashion Nova. I’m going to be honest I have been buying all of my clothes from them since October of last year, I might have a problem! When I saw them I thought “this is it, I’m going to try shorts again!” I ordered them in a size 14 hoping it would fit my waist and hips perfectly. When they got here I was so excited, I put them on and was not happy. They didn’t fit right. I made some alterations to the waist and I also cuffed the legs and lala!

I’m now in love with them, they still do ride up a bit as I walk, thanks to my lovely thighs but I’m okay with that. As a curvy girl it’s hard to get away from that! I don’t think I’m going to be shorts crazy and buy a bunch, but I do feel comfortable in shorts again. I’m proud of myself!

Almost forgot this adorable kimono, I’m in love with this! The color, the pattern, the sleeves, the length and you can tie it. It’s the perfect kimono for me! I got this in a size 2x, I wanted it big.

I got my cute white ankle strap, pointed toe pumps from Charlotte Russe, love their shoes.

If you know about some really good shorts I can try let me know. Have a great weekend!

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Outfit Details:

Kimono | Top | Shorts | Shoes

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