Hi my lovelies!! Did you have a good week? If you didn’t I hope it was still better than my week. My Tuesday was dreadful but let’s take it back, from the beginning, which started a couple of weeks ago. February 3rd I woke up to pain on the right side of my face, I thought I slept bad and the pain would simply just go away. The pain persisted for a few days and then disappeared for a week, just to come back off and on; which brings us back to Tuesday of this week. So I woke up on Tuesday in horrifying pain, my skull itself was hurting, it felt like my skull was splitting from the jaw up. I called my dentist office and booked an appointment for that day. Now let’s slow it down a bit, I have a dirty little secret, “I hate the dentist”, now that we are all caught up. I got to my dentist office and was in his chair within 5 minutes. I was so scared for what was to come, completely dismissing my pain I could only think about the needles, yes I’m afraid of needles! The dentist x-rayed the right side of my face showing the cause of the pain. It was My second molar and third molar (wisdom teeth). They were in an epic battle with there being only one winner. So what was really happening was my wisdom tooth was forcing my second molar into my first molar which cause my second molar to turn inward to tooth-bearing bone. The decision was made to remove the second molar. I’m not one for getting put to sleep and I’m not doing any gas, so I had to get the dreaded needles. after the first 3 sticks I stopped counting, by the way he numbed my mouth up really well; I had to close my eyes every time he came with a needle but it worked out well. The tooth extraction was going well so I thought, until he got the drill, the sound and the smell of him cutting into my bone was to much for me, I put myself in a calm spot by thinking of the beach, it worked and in minutes it was over. To say this situation was overwhelming for me is an understatement, but I’m truly proud of myself for not letting my fear get the best of me and allowing my dentist to do his job and make me feel better. So enough about that, Mother’s Day was Sunday, here’s hoping that all my moms out there had a great one?

So I have officially entered crop top season, showing off some skin when it’s hot out is a good thing. I love the sleeves on this off white crop top, they are so cute but can you blame me for thinking that, just look at it. I made this into a chic look with this pair of loose fit pants that ties at the waist (FYI I love anything that ties at the waist, I’m big on accentuating the waist) in the color mocha. I finish this look with these great pair of strapped heels, I love myself some chunky heels but there’s are different. These heels play tricks on people, from the back they look like normal chunky heels but from the sides it like where did the chunky heel go. This look is just chic and perfect.

This top is in a size XL, I wish I had gotten it in a 1x for a little more length, still really cute. So these pants were out of 1x so I got them in a 2x, super baggy because of the size but so comfortable and I love the pockets, making it worth it! Last but not least the tricky heels, these heels have a zipper closure in the back but they also have buckle details that are functional. Stylish and functional, love it! Bye lovelies!

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