Hello my lovelies!!! It’s casual Friday, as always I’m not so casual! I am so excited for the week ahead. My country is celebrating 45 years of independents. I’m excited for 4 reasons: 1. Holiday 2. Cookouts 3. Beach parties 4. Fireworks. I love spending quality time and having fun with my family. This look today has nothing to do with that, I just wanted to feel you in. So why I’m I wearing a kimono with all of these shades of pink?

Pink is one of those colors that I shy away from. It’s not that I think I can’t wear it, its just that I feel better wearing black. I told myself I would try more pink colors this season, so i went for this kimono.

A few weeks back I spotted this kimono and bought it immediately ( like I have the will power to not want a cute kimono).I was saving it for a white swimsuit, “if I ever came across any,” but luckily I found this white set. What a great choice this was, I am loving the combination of the various shades of pink in this with the white set.

The kimono is in a size 1x. The two piece set is in a 1x in the color white. It wasn’t a perfect fit but if I went down a size in it, it would have been. The material isn’t to stretchy, but is kind of thick. I went up a size in these cute shoes, please don’t be a fool like me, get your usual size. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, bye lovelies!

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Outfit Details:

Kimono| Set | Shoes

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  1. I never thought about putting a Kimoni over an outfit. I always use them for swimsuits or maybe a dress from time to time. I like this idea. ♥️

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